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Date updated : 30-Sep-2016

Status: active

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Leading fast food chain in Indonesia escalates repression against workers demanding basic rights

Champ Resto Indonesia, one of Indonesia's leading fast food chains, is escalating its aggression against workers and their union, who are demanding respect for basic rights. Last November, a Champ Resto worker's new-born baby died when the child was refused essential hospital care. Only then did workers become aware that they were not registered in the government health insurance program for employees and their families.

The father of the new-born child, who had worked at Champ Resto for fourteen years, was fired for missing 5 days' work while the family mourned. When members of the national hotel and restaurant workers' federation FSPM demonstrated in Bandung in July to demand that Champ Resto register all employees for family medical coverage in accordance with government regulations, 83 workers were immediately dismissed.

Management refuses reinstatement and has responded to union protests by further pressuring union members. Fourteen workers active in the union were transferred from Bandung to Jakarta - a distance of over 100 kilometers and 3 hours' travel. Without accommodation and separated from their families, 12 of the 14 resigned.

The union continues to hold weekly demonstrations to demand reinstatement of the dismissed workers, full respect for trade union rights and the inclusion of all company workers and their families in the government health insurance scheme.

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To President Director PT. Champ Resto Indonesia Ali Gunawan Budiman


I have learned from the IUF that 83 workers were dismissed when members of the FSPM demonstrated following the tragic death of long-serving Champ Resto employee Kemal Ahmad's new-born child. Workers at your company had every right to protest when they learned that employees and family members had not been enrolled in the government BPJS health insurance program. I have also learned that union members have been summarily transferred from Bandung to Jakarta and others threatened with transfer or lack of promotion simply for exercising their human right to join a union. I call on your company to immediately reinstate the 83 dismissed workers, take immediate action to ensure that all workers and their families are properly registered in the government health insurance scheme and ensure full respect for the rights of the FSPM and its members.

Yours sincerely

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