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Date updated : 08-Nov-2017

Status: active

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Indonesian food workers fighting for their rights following instant closure of their factory by GreatGiant Pineapple

In May 2016 management at the Umas Jaya Agrotama factory in Lampung, Indonesia announced the plant’s immediate closure, without prior notice or negotiations with the union. After more than one-and-a-half years, two hundred workers at the facility, the majority of them members of the IUF-affiliated SBMUJA, have still not received their final month’s pay, and the company refuses to negotiate.

Umas Jayas Agrotama, which produces tapioca-based starches, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GreatGiant Pineapple, one of the world’s largest pineapple producers, whose canned products are exported worldwide.

The workers, with the support of the IUF, have been maintaining a steady round of actions and demonstrations to press the company to recognize their rights and come to the table to negotiate a solution for the affected workers. They need your support.

USE THE FORM BELOW to send a message to top management of the parent company GreatGiant Pineapple.

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To Iswanto Iswanto, President Director GreatGiant Pineapple

Dear Mr. Iswanto

I have been informed by the IUF of the situation at the Umas Jaya Agrotama Lampung factory, where in May 2016 management unilaterally announced an instant closure of the facility without prior notification and continues to reject negotiations with the SBMUJA, the union representing a majority of the affected workers. These actions violate internationally recognized human rights instruments, and will doubtless have an unfavorable impact on the company’s brands and reputations at home and abroad. I urge you to enter into immediate and unconditional good faith negotiations with the SBMUJA to address the workers’ concerns.

Yours sincerely

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