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Date updated : 25-Jul-2016

Status: closed

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Union-busting escalates at SABMiller India following attack on rights in Australia

Update: An agreement was reached bringing an end to the conflict between the union at the SABMiller Sonepat brewery and the SABMiller India management.

The union at the SABMiller Sonepat brewery in the state of Haryana, India has been organizing mass protest actions in response to the harassment and intimidation of trade union leaders and members and management's refusal to respect collective bargaining rights. The attack on rights at SABMiller India follows the company's union-busting at SABMiller-owned Carlton United Breweries in Australia ahead of the impending merger between AB InBev and SABMiller, which would create the world's largest transnational brewing company.

The protests, which included a hunger strike begun on July 22, are in response to the suspension of union president Anil Kumar Saini during a deadlock in collective bargaining negotiations in which the company has refused to introduce the dearness allowance required by law and engage in good faith wage negotiations. The union president was suspended pending an inquiry on July 4 after false charges were laid against him. Since April, management has suspended the union vice-president, the general secretary and a prominent union supporter. Workers responded to the suspension of their union president by launching a sit down strike at the factory gate.

SABMiller calls its union-busting at Carlton United Breweries in Australia 'tidying up'; now the assault on rights extends to India as SABMiller and AB InBev move closer to establishing a global brewery giant.

SABMiller badly needs to learn to respect the rights they claim to be dedicated to on their website and in their CSR statements. And they need to hear from supporters of human rights who think that workers in the company deserve respect for rights.

SABMiller management has responded to our appeal for solidarity by blocking messages. But the struggle continues, and you can still show your support - your messages to the company are now being collected by the IUF for presentation to SABMiller as a petition. Your voice will be heard! USE THE FORM BELOW TO SEND A MESSAGE.