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Date updated : 01-Jul-2013

Status: closed

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This campaign is now closed.
Diese Kampagne ist abgeschlossen.
Cette campagne est close.
Esta campaƱa ha terminado.
Kampanjen er avsluttet.

Mondelez announces instant Lebanon plant closure - with hired gunmen in attendance!

On May 17 over 100 workers employed by Mondelez in Beirut were abruptly told their plant was closed and they were all out of a job. Production is to move to Egypt where costs are cheaper and where the company smashed the union last year by firing 5 union leaders in Alexandria.

Despite numerous requests over several months for explanations of abnormally low levels of inventory and production, the Cadbury Adams Union was assured everything was in order and they had nothing to fear.

On May 17 workers were summoned to the plant cafeteria and, with armed gunmen in attendance, were told the plant was to close on June 19. Management insisted to union leaders that the hiring of armed gunmen was normal practice when closures were announced!

Access to normal phone and internet access was immediately shut down. Mondelez commercial premises located on the factory site complex moved immediately to another location. The union has since learned that the new commercial offices had been leased by the company six months earlier, adding to the deceit.

The union has not been able to conclude negotiations for compensation for loss of jobs. The company has reneged on initial promises to continue paying workers' medical insurance for the rest of this calendar year and to pay compensation for the legal notice period immediately rather than including it in any final compensation package in order to help workers meet their current financial commitments. The union believes the company is trying to starve the workforce into submission and has sought the assistance of the Labour Ministry in the dispute over compensation.

Act Now - send a message to Mondelez to protest the company's brutal and arbitrary actions and demand negotiations with the union for a fair settlement for loss of employment.